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Our Plastic Injection Molding Service

BIN FEN Company owns its own plastic injection molding factory and is a specialized plastic molding manufacturer in Taiwan. We provide a diverse range of services, including product design, mold development, production, assembly of finished products, and packaging. With professional expertise, extensive experience, and advanced equipment, we offer top-quality plastic injection molding solutions to our clients.

During the product design phase, our team collaborates closely with clients to thoroughly understand the functionality and aesthetic requirements of the product. Based on the product's purpose and characteristics, we carefully select the most suitable materials to ensure product quality and durability. We possess a wide range of plastic injection molding capabilities, including embedded injection, plastic over-molding, general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics, elastomers, and various flame-retardant materials. Whether it's common plastics like ABS, PP, PE, HIPS, or engineering plastics like PC, PA6/66 (NYLON), ABS, POM, we are flexible in our application to meet the diverse needs of different clients.

Our manufacturing capabilities are robust. We handle a production weight range from 1 gram to 8000 grams, with machine specifications ranging from 80 tons to 1500 tons. We can process various engineering plastic materials, including those with heat-resistant additives, glass fibers, and impact modifiers. For different fire safety requirements, we offer a variety of flame-retardant raw material grades, such as HB, V0, V1, V2, to ensure product safety.

We are not just a traditional plastic injection molding factory; we are also your manufacturing partner. We rigorously control quality during the manufacturing process to ensure that each product meets the highest standards. Whether you need small-batch production or large-scale mass production, we have rich experience to tackle various challenges.

BIN FEN Company's plastic injection molding factory is committed to providing high-quality plastic injection molding solutions. Our team is dedicated to offering professional technical support and comprehensive services. Whether you need product design, mold development, production, or assembly and packaging, we can fulfill your requirements and collaborate to create high-quality products.

Service Description:
Product Design, Mold Development, Manufacturing, Product Assembly, Packaging

We provide a comprehensive range of services in the field of product manufacturing and assembly, ensuring a seamless process from initial design to the final packaged product.

Material Selection:
Selecting the most suitable materials for production according to the product's functionality and appearance requirements is a key consideration for our clients. We carefully choose materials that align with the product's intended purpose and desired aesthetic, ensuring that the final product meets both performance and visual expectations.

Various Plastic Injection Molding:
Insert Molding, Plastic Encapsulation, General-Purpose Plastics, Engineering Plastics, Elastomers, Various Fire-Resistant Grade Materials, Various Heat-Resistant Additives, Glass Fiber, Impact-Resistant Engineering Plastic Injection Molding

Process Capability:

Raw Material Category
Engineering Plastics PC、PA6/66(NYLON)、PC、ABS、POM
General-purpose Plastics ABS、PP、PE、HIPS
Elastomers TPE/TPU
Fireproof Material Grade HB、V0、V1、V2
Processing of Engineering Plastics with Various Additives such as Heat Resistance, Glass Fiber, and Impact Resistance

Plastic Injection Machine:

Production Range
Production Weight 1g-8000g
Machine Specifications 80-1500 tons


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