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Drain Filter

outside drain filter
outside drain filter
Material:ABS and Polyester Cotton
Size:104x104mm and 50mm (fits 2" PVC pipe)

This product fits directly into drainage holes as a filter for fine organic debris.
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Superior Drainage Maintenance

Maintaining a clean outdoor drain is crucial to prevent clogging and waterlogging. Our outdoor drain filters offer an efficient solution to keep your drains clear and functioning optimally.

Durable Materials

Crafted from high-grade ABS and Polyester Cotton, these filters are built to withstand outdoor elements while effectively filtering fine organic debris. Count on BIN FEN for long-lasting performance.

Convenient Sizes

Choose from two sizes to fit your drainage needs perfectly - 104x104mm and 50mm, which comfortably fit 2" PVC pipes. These versatile options ensure a seamless installation process.

BIN FEN's outdoor drain filters are the ultimate choice for maintaining clean and unobstructed outside drains. With durable materials and convenient sizes, these filters effectively trap fine organic debris, ensuring the smooth flow of water through your drainage system. Invest in our premium outdoor drain filters for a hassle-free and efficient drainage maintenance solution.

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