Catch Basin Filter Insert

Leaf Filter

catch basin filter insert
catch basin filter insert
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Leaf Filter 21 x 21cm:DWE2525
Leaf Filter 30 x 30cm:DWE3535

21×21×16cm (Suitable for 25x25cm Drain Well)
30×30×20cm (Suitable for 35x35cm Drain Well)
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Optimal Drainage with Catch Basin Filter Inserts

Made from durable PP material, these inserts of ours have good filtering properties and prevent debris from entering the drainage system. Available in two convenient sizes - 21x21x16cm (for 25x25cm drain wells) and 30x30x20cm (for 35x35cm drain wells) - both to match your drain well. Moreover, the installation process is simple and the setup is not cumbersome, allowing you to use it easily and quickly. Our catch basin filter insert protects your drainage facilities from clogs and damage. If you want to experience a smooth drainage system, choose our catch basin filter insert.

catch basin filter insert

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