Drain Board (Regular): Efficient Retaining Wall Drainage

Drain Board(regular)

retaining wall drainage cell
retaining wall drainage cell
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Drain Board(Regular)2.0cm:DBA32520
Drain Board(Regular)3.0cm:DBA32530
Drain Board(Regular)3.5cm:DBA32535
Drain Board(Regular)3.8cm:DBA32538
Drain Board(Regular)5.0cm:DBA32550
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Superior Drainage with Drain Board (Regular)

BIN FEN offers top-of-the-line Drain Board (Regular) solutions, designed to enhance the drainage efficiency of retaining walls. Crafted from lightweight yet durable PP material, these drainage cells effectively manage water while preventing hydrostatic pressure buildup.

Versatile Sizes and Heights

With multiple size options of 32.5x32.5cm, the Drain Board (Regular) provides flexibility in retaining wall construction. Choose from various heights including 2cm, 3cm, 3.5cm, 3.8cm, and 5cm to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Unbeatable Strength and Cost-effectiveness

Despite its lightweight nature, the Drain Board (Regular) doesn't compromise on strength. Each square meter requires only 9.5 pieces, yet it can withstand an impressive 40-70 tons of pressure, depending on the chosen height. Enjoy both cost savings and reliable performance with these resilient drainage cells.

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This board is the least expensive and lightest in weight. 9.5 pieces make up 1 square meter and resists up to 40-70 tons of pressure (depending on height).

retaining wall drainage cell


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