Drainage Cell Mats for Terrace Garden and Drainage Cell Roof Garden

Drain Board(cylinder)

drain cell mat for terrace garden
drain cell mat for terrace garden
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Drain Board(Cylinder)2.0cm:DBB35020
Drain Board(Cylinder)3.0cm:DBB35030
Drain Board(Cylinder)3.5cm:DBB35035
Drain Board(Cylinder)4.0cm:DBB35040
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Effective Drain Cell Mats for Terrace Gardens from BIN FEN


This board features a water reservoir. 8.1 pieces make up 1 square meter and resists up to 30-50 tons (depending on height).

We offer high-quality drainage board mats to help you improve the drainage of your terrace garden. Our mats are made from high-quality PP material, providing reliable drainage and load-bearing capacity. With a size of 35x35cm and a variety of available heights (2cm, 3cm, 3.5cm and 4cm), drainage cell roof garden is designed to optimize drainage of terrace gardens, our drain cell mat for terrace garden can withstand the weight and demands of a rooftop garden. Consisting of approximately 8.1 mats per square meter, it has a load-bearing capacity of 30-50 tonnes (depending on mat height).


drain cell mat for terrace garden

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