Premium Terrace Garden Drain Mat for Efficient Drainage

Drain Board(enhanced)

terrace garden drain mat
terrace garden drain mat
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Drain Board(Enhanced)4cm:DBC35040
Drain Board(Enhanced)5cm:DBC35050
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Durable Garden Drainage Cell from BIN FEN

Optimize Drainage in Your Terrace Garden:
BIN FEN presents a high-quality garden drainage cell designed to enhance the drainage system of your terrace garden. Our enhanced drain board, made from durable PP material, offers reliable water drainage and load resistance. With dimensions of 35x35cm and heights of 4cm and 5cm, our drain board provides the perfect solution for efficient and effective terrace garden drainage.

Promote Healthy Soil Conditions in Your Terrace Garden:
BIN FEN's garden drainage cell is specifically designed to optimize water drainage in terrace gardens. The enhanced drain board allows excess water to flow away efficiently, preventing waterlogging and maintaining healthy soil conditions for your plants. Experience improved water management and healthier plant growth in your terrace garden with our reliable garden drainage cell.

Strong and Pressure-Resistant Design

Withstand Pressure for Long-Lasting Performance:
Our garden drainage cell features specially designed vertical poles that resist pressure up to 70-80 tons (depending on the height of the drain board). This robust design ensures the durability and stability of the drainage system for your terrace garden, providing peace of mind and long-lasting performance. Choose our strong and pressure-resistant drain board for optimal drainage in your garden.

Tailor the Drainage System to Your Terrace Garden's Needs:
BIN FEN's garden drainage cell is available in heights of 4cm and 5cm, allowing you to customize the drainage system according to your terrace garden's requirements. With dimensions of 35x35cm, our drain board provides ample coverage and flexibility for different garden sizes and layouts. Achieve efficient and tailored water drainage in your terrace garden with our versatile garden drainage cell.

Choose BIN FEN for Premium Garden Drainage Cell

Enhance Your Terrace Garden's Drainage System:
BIN FEN stands as your trusted supplier of premium garden drainage cells. With our enhanced drain board made from durable PP material and pressure-resistant design, you can optimize water drainage and prevent waterlogging in your terrace garden. Choose the height that suits your garden's needs and experience the durability and performance of our drain board. Contact BIN FEN today to enhance the drainage system of your terrace garden.


The vertical poles have been specially designed to resist pressure of up to 70-80 tons (depending on height). This board is the perfect solution for those customers requiring a strong pressure-resistant product. 8.1 pieces make up 1 square meter.

terrace garden drain mat

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