Drain Cell Mat Wholesale

Drain Board(super-enhanced)

drain cell mat wholesale
drain cell mat wholesale

The vertical poles have been specially designed to resist pressure of up to 150 tons. This board is the perfect solution for those customers requiring an even stronger pressure-resistant product. 8.1 pieces make up 1 square meter.
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Introducing Drain Board (Super-enhanced)

Our drain board (super-enhanced), made from high-quality PP material, meets the needs of challenging drainage projects while ensuring effective water management. drain board (super-enhanced) uses specially designed vertical columns to provide unparalleled strength and can withstand up to 150 tons of pressure. Whether it's high-duty applications or extreme conditions, this mat offers exceptional durability and reliability. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in drain cell mat wholesale purchases. At just 8.1 sheets per square meter, our super reinforced drain mats are not only efficient to install, but also great value for money for customers looking for a top-quality pressure-resistant drainage solution.

drain cell mat wholesale

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