Drain Cell for Artificial Grass and Artificial Grass Drainage Cell

Drain Board(double sided)

artificial grass drainage cell
artificial grass drainage cell

This board has been specially designed with reinforcing along the sides to resist pressure of up to 100 tons. 9 pieces make up 1 square meter.
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Effective Drain Cell for Artificial Grass from BIN FEN

Our artificial grass drainage cell are designed to optimize drainage of artificial turf. The drain cell for artificial grass uses reinforced side panels that can withstand up to 100 tons of pressure. This sturdy design makes the artificial grass drainage system more durable and stable. Our drainage boards allow excess water to drain away effectively, preventing water accumulation and keeping your lawn in good condition. Improve the lifespan of your artificial turf with our drainage boards. Our artificial grass drainage cells measure 33.4x33.4x3.5cm, providing ample coverage for different artificial turf installations.

drain cell for artificial grass

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