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Green Roof Drainage Board

green roof drainage board
green roof drainage board
Volume of water reservoir:1000c.c
Notice:Our Water Reservoir Drainage Board can be used as a Green Roof, Mini Vegetable or Flower Garden. What makes our system so special is that our system can hold large volumes of water and can be interconnected to whatever width, length or height you want. It is a perfect system for D.I.Y.

Side Walls and Poles:
Side Wall Size:33.7x10cm
Pole Size:10.7x2.5cm(diameter)
Notice:Side Walls and Poles are optional determined by consumer's requirements.
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High-Performance Water Reservoir

Our green roof drainage board are an eco-friendly solution for creating a roof garden, vegetable garden. The roof drainage mat is made of PP material and has a 1000cc water retention layer to provide excellent water retention for your plants. This unique feature not only promotes healthy vegetation growth, but also promotes water conservation and sustainable development. Measuring 35x35x4.5cm, the drainage board is flexible to install and can be easily customized to any width, length or height to suit every need.

green roof drainage board

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