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Green Roof Drainage Board

green roof drainage board
green roof drainage board
Volume of water reservoir:1000c.c
Notice:Our Water Reservoir Drainage Board can be used as a Green Roof, Mini Vegetable or Flower Garden. What makes our system so special is that our system can hold large volumes of water and can be interconnected to whatever width, length or height you want. It is a perfect system for D.I.Y.

Side Walls and Poles:
Side Wall Size:33.7x10cm
Pole Size:10.7x2.5cm(diameter)
Notice:Side Walls and Poles are optional determined by consumer's requirements.
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High-Performance Water Reservoir

Our green roof drainage board is designed with a 1000c.c water reservoir, ensuring optimal water retention for your plants. This feature promotes healthy vegetation growth while reducing water wastage and supporting sustainable gardening practices.

Versatile and Customizable

With dimensions of 35x35x4.5cm, our roof drainage mat offers flexibility in installation and can be easily customized to fit any width, length, or height requirements. Whether it's a green roof, mini vegetable garden, or flower bed, our system adapts to your unique gardening needs.

Optional Side Walls and Poles

Enhance your garden's stability and design with optional side walls and poles made from durable PP material. The 33.7x10cm side walls and 10.7x2.5cm poles add structural support and enable further customization, ensuring your garden project matches your vision.

BIN FEN's Green Roof Drainage Board presents an eco-friendly solution for creating lush green roofs, mini vegetable gardens, or beautiful flower beds. Crafted from high-quality PP material, our roof drainage mat boasts a 1000c.c water reservoir, providing excellent water retention for your plants. This unique feature fosters thriving vegetation while promoting water conservation and sustainability.

Our system's versatility is a standout feature, measuring 35x35x4.5cm, and allowing for easy installation and customization. You can effortlessly connect multiple drainage boards to fit any desired width, length, or height, making it an ideal choice for D.I.Y. gardening projects.

For added stability and design options, consider our optional side walls and poles, also made from durable PP material. These accessories provide structural support for your garden while allowing for personalized design elements that align with your preferences.

Whether you're an avid gardener or a landscape professional, BIN FEN's Roof Drainage Mat empowers you to build thriving, sustainable gardens that elevate the beauty and eco-friendliness of your spaces. Explore our system today and embark on a green gardening journey like no other. Contact us to discover the endless possibilities for your next project.

green roof drainage board


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