Drainage Cell for Planter Box and Roof Garden Drain Cell

Drain Board(hybrid)

roof garden drain cell
roof garden drain cell
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Drain Board(Hybrid)3.5cm:GRA40035
Drain Board(Hybrid)4.0cm:GRA40040
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Efficient Drainage Cell for Planter Box from BIN FEN


This tray has been specially designed which make this boards to reserve water up to 4L/m2. 6.25 pieces make up 1 square meter.there is no certain direction for connecting these boards, it's like puzzles which can be connected with any side.

Our roof garden drain cell and drainage cell for planter box are available in 3.5cm and 4cm height options. Our drainage plate size is 40x40cm, which provides enough coverage for different planting box sizes, making drainage more efficient. However our drainage panels are made from PP material which makes them strong and durable in all environmental conditions.

roof garden drain cell

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