Non Woven Fabric for Garden and Non Woven Garden Fabric


non woven fabric for garden, non woven garden fabric
non woven fabric for garden, non woven garden fabric
Composite Material

Height:91m, Length:1.37m

Landscape Fabric:

Each unit(Roll)is about 125 square meter
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Durable Non-Woven Garden Fabric from BIN FEN

We offer premium non woven fabric for garden to meet your landscaping needs. Our non woven garden fabric measures 91m high and 1.37m long for durability. The composite is 0.6mm thick and comes in rolls of approximately 125m2, so whether you want to suppress weeds, control erosion or create beautiful flower beds, our fabric provides reliable support. Its durable structure acts as a barrier to prevent weed growth while allowing water, air and nutrients to penetrate the soil, promoting healthy plant growth and overall landscape vitality. Our fabrics stand the test of time.

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