Permeable Drainage Pipe

Soft Permeable Waterpipes

soft  permeable waterpipes, permeable drainage pipe
soft  permeable waterpipes, permeable drainage pipe
Product ID:
Soft Permeable Water Pipe(2"):SP02
Soft Permeable Water Pipe(3"):SP03
Soft Permeable Water Pipe(4"):SP04
Soft Permeable Water Pipe(6"):SP06
Soft Permeable Water Pipe(8"):SP08
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Premium Soft Permeable Water Pipes from BIN FEN

Our permeable drainage pipe has excellent water permeability, ensuring efficient filtration and optimal drainage. The pipes are made of highly elastic spring steel wire and covered with PVC, Tedolon yarn and synthetic fibers, making them suitable for a variety of applications. Our permeable drainage pipe is designed for maximum water permeability. With advanced materials and construction, water flows easily through the lines, promoting efficient filtration and drainage. Our permeable drain lines feature strong and durable construction. Highly elastic spring steel wire core provides stability and strength, ensuring the line maintains its shape even under pressure.

soft  permeable waterpipes, permeable drainage pipe

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