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Clip Pot Diamond Shape

plant pot manufacturers
plant pot manufacturers
Wall-mounted Basin-Rhombic
Material: PP
Size: 14.4x7.2x11cm

Connection accessories
Material: ABS
Size: 6x3.2cm

Description: Simple geometric shape, decorated on the background wall, restaurant, porch, etc. to add texture The wall is firmly pasted and not easy to fall off, and can bear 600g
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Elegant Geometric Design

Your first choice among plant pot manufacturers, proudly introduces wall-mounted diamond flower pots made of durable PP material. Make your surroundings more outstanding with these elegant geometric flowerpots, suitable for background walls, restaurants, entrances and other occasions. For easy installation, our planters come with versatile ABS connection accessories measuring 6x3.2cm, which ensure your planter arrangement is easily installed. Rest assured, our planters are designed to adhere securely to the wall, providing reliable stability even with a load capacity of up to 600 grams. Made of high-quality PP material, sturdy and durable. Meet the needs of global importers, dealers and buyers.

plant pot manufacturers

plant pot manufacturers

plant pot manufacturers

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