4mm Micro Irrigation Pipe and Drip Irrigation Pipe Material

5mm Micro Irrigation Pipe

4mm micro irrigation pipe, drip irrigation pipe material
4mm micro irrigation pipe, drip irrigation pipe material
Size: length 50m (roll) outer diameter 5mm
Description: Through the direct connection with the PE water supply pipe, more detailed water supply distribution can be done
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Precise Water Distribution

We provide 4mm micro irrigation pipe, and the drip irrigation pipe material is PE, which can accurately distribute water resources to ensure that each plant can get the appropriate amount of water. The outer diameter of the tube is only 5mm, allowing for targeted irrigation, promoting better plant growth and saving water. Our micro irrigation pipes are available in 50 meter rolls, making them suitable for a variety of applications and are flexible and convenient. Whether you manage a small garden or a large farmland, our pipes provide consistent and efficient watering. Meet the needs of global importers, dealers and buyers.

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