Hanging Wall Trough Planter | Green Wall Pots

Hanging Pot (light 4'')

hanging wall trough planter, green wall pots
hanging wall trough planter, green wall pots
Size:13.5x11.5x11 cm
Volume:Greater than 500cc
Notice:This pot is suitable for both 3” and 3.5” plants. It is easy to install and remove.
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Elevate Your Green Walls with Hanging Wall Trough Planters

Our green wall pots are designed to be easy to install and remove, with a lightweight and user-friendly design you can effortlessly adjust to your needs. Made from lightweight PP material, our pots are both functional and elegant, whether your plants are large or small, our hanging pots can accommodate them, making vertical garden displays both beautiful and harmonious. Our hanging wall trough planter measures 13.5 x 11.5 x 11cm and has a capacity of over 500cc, making it versatile and can accommodate 3" and 3.5" plants.

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