Wholesale Suppliers of Hanging Baskets with Air Root Pruning Technology

5th Gen Green Wall(air pot)

air root pruning pots, hanging basket wholesale suppliers
air root pruning pots, hanging basket wholesale suppliers
Material: PP
Dimensions: 18.5x15x12cm

Explanation: The pot wall is designed with openings. According to the principle of air pruning, when the roots grow out of the holes, they will stop growing and allow the effective fine roots to proliferate. At the same time, it also has the function of preventing root packing and delaying plant aging. With the special water supply kit, it can easily solve the water supply problem of the green wall without complicated water supply pipelines
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Revolutionizing Plant Growth with Air Root Pruning Pots

Enhancing Plant Health and Performance:
BIN FEN introduces a groundbreaking solution to optimize plant growth: air root pruning pots. Our innovative hanging baskets, made from high-quality PP material, are designed with strategically placed openings. By harnessing the principle of air pruning, our pots ensure robust root systems, prevent root packing, and prolong plant vitality. Wholesale suppliers can now provide their customers with a cutting-edge solution that enhances green walls like never before.

Unleashing the Power of Air Root Pruning

Promoting Healthy and Abundant Root Growth:
The unique design of our air root pruning pots facilitates the natural growth process of plant roots. As the roots reach the openings in the pot walls, they are naturally air-pruned. This process stops the growth of the roots, enabling the development of fine and effective root systems. With enhanced nutrient absorption capabilities, plants thrive and flourish in our air root pruning pots, ensuring exceptional performance and longevity.

Simplified Solution for Optimal Watering:
BIN FEN goes beyond root health by providing a comprehensive solution for watering green walls. Our air root pruning pots come equipped with a special water supply kit, eliminating the need for complex water supply pipelines. With this innovative feature, maintaining optimal moisture levels becomes effortless. Wholesale suppliers can offer their customers an easy-to-use system that ensures the health and vitality of green walls, making maintenance a breeze.

Elevate Green Wall Performance with Air Root Pruning Pots

Choose BIN FEN for Innovative Solutions:
BIN FEN leads the industry with our air root pruning pots, revolutionizing plant growth and maintenance. As a wholesale supplier, you can provide your customers with hanging baskets that promote healthy root systems, prevent root packing, and prolong plant lifespan. Our PP material (18.5x15x12cm) pots, combined with the power of air root pruning and a simplified water supply kit, offer a game-changing solution for green walls. Contact BIN FEN today to enhance the performance and beauty of green spaces with our cutting-edge air root pruning pots.

air root pruning pots, hanging basket wholesale suppliers

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