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Green Wall(deluxe)Frame

vertical garden pots manufacturers
vertical garden pots manufacturers
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3 holes:GW1306-31
4 holes:GW1306-41
5 holes:GW1306-51

The order unit is by set. Each set contains a frame and pots, non-woven and pipe that have same amount of holes on the frame.
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High-Quality Green Wall Frames


47.7x15.9x3.9cm(3 holes)
79.5x19.8x3.9cm(4 holes)
79.5x15.9x3.9 cm(5 holes)
Notice:Each frame has hook connectors thus can be connected and bended from 0-90 degrees.
Frame can be connected in both horizontally or vertically.

Notice:Only need one irrigation line from the top. Pots can be installed and taken down easily. Which makes our Green Wall System easily to plant and maintain.

We are your best choice among vertical garden pots manufacturers, our 8-inch frame (79x26.3x5.2 cm) provides a stable structure, the frame has six screw holes, be sure to use all six screws when installing, this sturdy The frame is specially designed to accommodate larger plants, flowers and shrubs, providing ample room to grow. Our 8-inch vertical garden pots are made of PP material, with dimensions of 29x24x21.3cm and a capacity of over 8000cc. We provide frames of various sizes, including 3 holes (47.7x15.9x3.9cm), 4 holes (79.5x19.8x3 . 9cm) and 5-hole (79.5x15.9x3.9cm) options. Each frame comes with hook connectors for easy attachment and 0-90 degree bending.

vertical garden pots manufacturers

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