Plastic Spikes for Lawn Edging

Plastic Spikes (12cm)

plastic spikes for lawn edging
plastic spikes for lawn edging
Type:rectangular top (diameter 13mm)
Function:To stabilize the Grass Protector and Edging.
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Superior Stability for Lawn Edging

We offer plastic spikes for lawn edging made of durable PE material. Designed with a rectangular top (13mm diameter) and a length of 12cm, these nails ensure excellent stability for your lawn edging project. Our plastic spikes play an important role in stabilizing lawn protectors and edges, preventing unwanted movement or displacement. Rest assured that with our plastic spikes, your lawn edges will remain safe and intact. As a professional green wall manufacturer, we provide reliable and high-quality products. Trust our plastic nails to increase the effectiveness and longevity of your lawn edging project, meet the needs of global importers, dealers and buyers.

plastic spikes for lawn edging

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