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Plastic Spikes (20cm)

plastic landscaping spikes
plastic landscaping spikes
Grass Nails - 20cm (fixed non-woven fabric or weed suppression mat)
Material: PP
Size: 5.5x3.7x19cm
Fixed Nonwoven or Weed Suppression Mats
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Secure Landscape Fixation

BIN FEN presents top-quality plastic landscaping spikes, essential for securing non-woven fabric or weed suppression mats. Our 20cm Grass Nails ensure a dependable and long-lasting landscape fixation.

Durable PP Material

Crafted from durable PP material, our plastic landscaping spikes offer excellent resilience to withstand various weather conditions. Count on BIN FEN's spikes for reliable landscape stability.

Versatile Use

Designed with dimensions of 5.5x3.7x19cm, our Grass Nails are suitable for a wide range of applications, effectively securing non-woven fabric or weed suppression mats in landscaping projects.

For trustworthy and efficient landscape fixation, rely on BIN FEN's plastic landscaping spikes. Made from durable PP material and measuring 20cm, our Grass Nails ensure secure attachment of non-woven fabric or weed suppression mats. Choose BIN FEN for high-quality solutions in landscaping projects.

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