Plastic Landscaping Spikes

Plastic Spikes (20cm)

plastic landscaping spikes
plastic landscaping spikes
Grass Nails - 20cm (fixed non-woven fabric or weed suppression mat)
Material: PP
Size: 5.5x3.7x19cm
Fixed Nonwoven or Weed Suppression Mats
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Secure Landscape Fixation

BIN FEN offers top quality plastic landscaping spikes, essential for securing non-woven or weed suppression mats. Our 20cm grass nails ensure reliable and long-lasting landscaping fixation. Made from durable PP material, our plastic landscaping nails are exceptionally resilient and can withstand a variety of weather conditions. Trust BIN FEN nails for landscaping stability.
Our grass nails measure 5.5x3.7x19cm and are suitable for a variety of applications, effectively securing non-woven or weed suppression mats in landscape projects. Meet the needs of global importers, dealers and buyers.

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