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Retaining Wall Draine(regular)

retaining wall drain outlet cover
retaining wall drain outlet cover
Size:20 x 15 x 3cm, Diameter: 2””

This product is the key to a good retaining wall project and will add to its success. We are able to offer this high quality product at a more reasonable price than other expensive wall drains. Our product will save you money.
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Product Introduction:

Our retaining wall drain outlet cover, available in a regular size of 20 x 15 x 3cm with a 2" diameter, is an essential component for a successful retaining wall project. Its durable construction guarantees efficient water drainage and optimal wall stability.

BIN FEN takes pride in offering this top-quality product at a more affordable price compared to expensive alternatives. Our cost-effective solution not only ensures the success of your retaining wall but also saves you money.


For reliable retaining wall drainage, look no further than BIN FEN's durable outlet cover. With dimensions of 20 x 15 x 3cm and a 2" diameter, our high-quality and cost-effective product is the key to a successful retaining wall project while being budget-friendly. Choose BIN FEN for a wise investment in your retaining wall's performance.

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