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Moss Poles Stick

Moss Poles Stick
Moss Poles Stick

Stick Length : 19.5cm Diameter : 6cm
Stick+Moss Pole : Length 53cm
Stick+Cap : Length 21cm

Can be assembled with the Moss Pole
Can stick into the ground 15cm under to make the pole more stable
Stick has tiny holes so it can also be the small version of Breathable pipe you can place into the pot
Stick+Cap can be use as a fertilizer pole you can stick to the plants you want to fertilizer
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Product Introduction

Our moss stick is made of durable PP material to help plants grow stably. The length of the cylinder is 19.5 cm, the diameter is 6 cm, and the total length is 53 cm. Our moss pole can be inserted up to 15cm deep into the soil to provide optimal support for your plants. Our moss stick is full of tiny holes and is an excellent ventilation pipe that can be placed in the basin. This design allows healthy root growth and efficient distribution of water. Additionally, when paired with the top cover, it can be used as a fertilizer post by inserting it into the plants you want to fertilize.


Moss Poles Stick Moss Poles Stick Moss Poles Stick

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